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Tuesday, 28 April 2009
Running Equipments and Gadget
A pedometer also known as stepometer is a device that calculates the distance you have run or walked. A pedometer is an easy-to-use and inexpensive device most cost between $10 and $30, so everybody can have it. It can wear on your wrist while running or jogging. The function is to count the number of steps you have made and measure how long and how far you've been walking.

You can setting your pedometer to your daily goals, it also can recordings of your performance when running. This tip can optimize your pedometer benefits as an accurate measure to monitor your workout performance.

Equipments that you need in running are trail running shoes. It is different with a basic running shoe. It is because of the construction, materials and design. The important things when choosing running shoes are Comfort, Fit, material, models, and the sole.

Last excellent gadget that can help you when working out and achieve an optimum result is a heart rate monitor. It helps you to get in shape and lose weight because you can monitor your intensity and see how many calories you're burning. Don’t worry, even it sounds fashionable and advanced gadget but it’s ease of use and comfortable for everyone. The cost of this gadget is varying among $20 to $300.

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